Meet our line of JWCo. Cutting Boards

Your prep work—done in style.

A chef is only as good as her tools, and what touches your food is an important as the ingredients that go into it. You want equipment in your kitchen that has the same integrity you do--tools that are friendly to the environment and friendly to your community. And, of course, tools that get the job done.


Meet the Juniper Wood family of cutting boards. Proudly handmade by craftsmen in Atlanta, GA, from sustainably sourced walnut wood. Each cutting board features second-to-none attention to detail and is solidly constructed to resist warping. The ergonomic design outshines the competition and, if properly maintained, your Juniper Wood walnut cutting board can last a generation.

You can see the board’s beauty for yourself, but the unseen aspects are just stunning. Wood is naturally a better choice in cutting board material, both for its longevity and antibacterial properties. Plus, each purchase of a Juniper Wood cutting board benefits a family in need through our partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

The right tool for the job.

Three different sizes to keep your kitchen organized and well-equipped. If you can’t decide which is right for you, you can always bring home all three. For a substantial cutting surface, each cutting board is a hefty 1.75" thick.  And, proceeds from each purchase will donate 40 meals to local, Atlanta-area families in need.



Small in stature but big in versatility, this cutting board is perfect for the quaint apartment or galley kitchen. Its size makes it perfect for small cutting jobs, like slicing and dicing fruits and veggies. Or, it can double nicely as a cheese board and for serving appetizers. If you’re looking for an easy-to-store, high-quality cutting board, here it is.


This is your everyday cutting board. Large enough to handle most home chefs’ cutting needs, but light enough to be easily lifted. When it comes to convenience and style, this essential cutting board can’t be beaten.


When it’s time to carve the turkey, cut up the big roast or turn a kitchen island into a preparation station, our large cutting board can handle the task. This professional-grade, professional-size cutting board has real heft and is perfect for the avid chef looking for permanently placed kitchen equipment.


Giving back matters.

Our partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank means that each purchase of a Juniper Wood product, including our cutting boards and future innovative products to come, funds the donation of 40 meals to families in need in the greater Atlanta area.